Mortuary Refurbishments hold a very impressive track record within the NHS

We specialise in the full turnkey refurbishment of your current mortuary facility offering you the very best technology at a realistic cost, which will be favourable to your healthcare trust

All our mortuaries are manufactured in the UK, at our factory in Leicestershire. Our cabinets are specifically designed and fully insulated for the particular mortuary application requested and are constructed from insulated panels which are PIR fire proof rated.  We use only the finest materials, assuring you of no compromise to quality, ranging from a 304 stainless steel internal finish to laminated flooring complete with a full 180° clear door opening.

We only select and install the most cost effective refrigeration systems to ensure our customers benefit from significant energy savings. Integral and remote low noise options are also available and our racking systems are comprehensibly designed, to include fixed white powder coated racking complete with full width rollers to 304 grade stainless steel fully adjustable stub roller systems, which can be removed for ease of cleaning.

To complete the package we offer a free comprehensive Project Management Service from the initial design and planning stage incorporating site surveys, through to handover upon completion.

Key services provided:

  • HTA approved refurbishment work
  • Multiple body storage
  • Multi-purpose coldroom mortuaries
  • Standard mortuary chambers
  • Side loading mortuary complete with roller door
  • Obese mortuary chambers
  • Freezer and isolation mortuary chambers
  • Robust internal flooring (to meet your requirements)
  • Stainless steel door jambs, fitted as standard
  • Stainless steel door crash protection, fitted as standard
  • Dry wipe name plates
  • Stub roller 304 stainless steel adjustable racking systems
  • Full width roller option available
  • White powder coated racking
  • Bed & obese storage optional
  • Robust door locks complete with a lockable option
  • Robust door hinges with a 180° range to allow for full door opening
  • 100% Back up refrigeration systems
  • Remote refrigeration systems
  • Full digital control panels & remote monitoring
  • Mono block refrigeration
  • Ceiling mounted refrigeration
  • Body racks, to include full width racks or stainless steel stub roller systems
  • Body trays standard and obese 304 or 316 grade stainless steel
  • Integrated temperature control panels
  • BMS connections & data logging
  • Lighting & Interconnecting wiring
  • Concrete flooring & screeding
  • Altro floor coverings